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Who we are

For each project, we compose a team of specialists that share a TND knowledge and experience base.  Specialist in delineating the market, urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture, transportation, engineering, retail, sustainability, financing, sales, legal issues, and politics are all brought together to weave their disciplines through the whole project, to avoid a disconnect in both quality and potential from the initial vision as the project moves from inception to completion.

Principal & Project Lead:
Andrew Martschenko

  • Originates projects
  • Manages the pre-charrette tasks
  • Assembles, Directs and Coordinates the charrette teams
  • Leads and provides direction to the urban planning and architectural design efforts
  • Liaison with the clients and local consultants
  • Coordinates and delivers in progress and final presentations
  • Disseminates and coordinates the ongoing post charrette urban design and architecture work

Urban Designers:

  • Apply TND principles to develop design solutions specific to the site’s location and constraints, public input and the local market during the Urban Design Charrette and follow up work

Architects and Residential Designers:

  • Develop building types appropriate to the project. Initially these tunes are used to both define the different public spaces being considered and to determine which lot sizes and orientation can be incorporated into the planning stages. These building types are then further refined in architectural charrettes.

Landscape Architect:

  • Adds depth, expertise, and objective input, designing spatial types first, further developing the range of public spaces and then using site specific vegetation to add another layer to the urban design

Transportation Engineer:

  • Work with the local Transportation Engineer and Municipal Officials to assure that both the road system  and the road types being proposed in the master plan are viable and accepted, and
  • Provide and substantiate viable alternatives to conventional design methodologies pre, during and post the design process

Civil Engineer:

  • Work with the local Civil Engineer and Municipal Officials to assure that both the stormwater management solution and servicing systems are viable and accepted, and
  • Provide and substantiate viable alternatives to conventional design methodologies pre, during and post the design process

Environmental Expert:

  • Provide advice on viability and sustainability of the proposal relating to the site and environmental restrictions and opportunities
  • Provide viable alternatives to conventional methodologies during design process

Smart Code Expert:

  • Create the written documents that embed and enable the design precepts intent into written zoning ordinances

Retail Expert:

  • Provide empirical data to support and direct the retail component of the project by examining and tabulating both the existing and latent markets
  • Provide advice on financial viability and makeup of the size, type and mix of the retail components,


  • Provides images that succinctly convey the ideas, concepts and character endemic to the design in a  visual language understood by all

3D Modeller:

  • Create digital 3D models of public spaces, both generic and site specific, feeding the Renderer with rudimentary perspectival views to build on
  • Establish a library of residential 3D building types that work well with TND principles, and details that reflect local materials and building methods
  • Develop rudimentary models of the project site and individual buildings

Charrette Coordinator:

  • Coordinate all the resources and expertise to converge to one place, and then follow up with all to assure that all responsibilities are carried out
  • Manage all the tasks involved in pre, during and post charrette tasks
  • Arrange all travel and accommodation bookings

Andrew Martschenko

Principal Andrew Martschenko collaborates with numerous other New Urbanists, whom he has met though participation in various Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) functions, or working on other non Parataxis charrettes.

Studied architecture at the University of Waterloo.

Founded Urban Proportions Incorporated - a residential design firm, specializing in designing homes specifically for a client or site, of all sizes (400 sq.ft. to 21,000 sq.ft.) for both private clients and developers in Canada, the USA and the Caribbean.
Saw Andrés Duany (partner in the architectural firm Duany Plater-Zyberk and the "guru" of Traditional Neighbourhood Development (TND) Design) deliver a lecture in 1989 at the University of Miami on suburban blight, the emerging “TND” principles that would counter that blight, and the model solution being built: the town of Seaside in Florida.

Attended a Seaside TND Design seminar in 1998.

Started attending and then being invited to DPZ and other TND design charrettes.
Became increasingly frustrated with the loss of quality, energy and momentum of exemplary TND projects that were failing, despite well intentioned and expert designers, land owners, developer and builders.

Met like minded practitioners at various CNU events

Formed Parataxis as a solution to provide comprehensive design and management continuity and integrity on a project, from master planning to architecture to sales and buildout.

Parataxis is presently both working on and actively pursuing projects in Canada, the USA and Europe.