Urban Design


In keeping with topography and context, it is through Urban Design that public spaces, such as squares, parks, greens and plazas, and the streets, paths and greenways that connect them are laid out, together forming the armature that is the basis of pedestrian, mixed use and compact neighbourhoods and the communities that then establish themselves there.

Harbour Village at The Narrows

Ramara Township, Ontario, Canada

The re-design of a 60 acre waterfront site, from a 576 unit canal based CSD, to a 1,678 unit TND
Mid to high density mixed use, as well as lower density residential streets, create a neighbourhood centred around a series of public spaces that front a harbour, canals, basins and the waterfront.

Markdale Agricultural Village At River’s Edge (MAVARE)

Markdale, Ontario, Canada

A new 140 acre development, with a mixed-use neighbourhood integrated into the existing town of Markdale, and informed and characterized by the agricultural region that surrounds it.

West Ridge on The Lake

Kincardine, Ontario, Canada

The re-design of a 75 acre site on a bluff, overlooking Lake Huron.  The new design supersedes 4 years of work by the developer, and received wide acceptance and buy in from local residents, neighbourhood groups and munipal politicians and staff.

Waterfall at Westport

Westport, Ontario, Canada

The design of a 75 acre site on a bluff, overlooking the town of Westport and Upper Rideau Lake beyond.  The design provides a second nexus to the existing town, providing multiple housing types and pubic amenities to augment a seasonal town to become both a year round destination, and a place to live year round.

Victoria Harbour Golf Course Community

Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada

The design and development of a golf course community as a TND

Al Khor

State of Qatar

A revision of the initial winning CSD plan to a TND to accommodate 150,000 people

Port McNicoll, Ontario, Canada

The design and development of an 800 acre TND, of which 400 acres are water and 200 are environmentally sensitive

Humbertown, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The design for a mid to high density neighbourhood centre integrated into the surrounding neighbourhood, prepared to counter a developer driven design for a regional retail centre to be built in a neighbourhood retail plaza

Beaver Valley Village

Municipality of Grey Highlands, Ontario, Canada

The design emphasizes integration into the site, by connecting to the existing residential fabric, linking to the adjacent recreational lands through greenbelts through the property, and minimizing visual impact along the ridge of Beaver Valley by stepping the development back and down to the west of the ridge.

Gilwood Park

Penetaguishene, Ontario, Canada

The re-design of a 75 acre sloped site, overlooking Lake Huron.  The new TND design supersedes an earlier proposal from 2003 for 30 large lot custom home sites.  The new design adheres to the smart growth principles being adopted in Ontario, and takes full advantage of a dynamic site, while offering the adjoining developments and the town of Penetanguishene a series of public spaces, in the form of squares, parks and pathways.

Rolling Sands

Penetaguishene, Ontario, Canada

A schematic design on a 55 acre site overlooking Penetang Bay with emphasis placed on connecting to the surrounding residential fabric through roadways, paths and view corridors, and providing the whole community a range of public spaces as destinations in the form of parks, parkettes, squares, plazas and lookouts.

Fenelon East

Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada

A 8.76 acre mixed residential redevelopment around existing wetland area, primarily catering to the Active Adult and affordable housing market.