Poplar Crossing

urban design

Project Overview

A proposal for the creation of Collingwood's 5th mixed use intensification area that would surround and support the existing college, the bourgeoning tech sector and , if locating here, the new Collingwood General and Marine Hospital.
The proposed new neighbourhood, Poplar Crossing, would consists of mid to high density mixed uses surrounding a series of public spaces that front onto Pretty River, the existing spring fed pond (pictured), the Rail Trail and surrounding and internal streets, paths and greenways.

Project Statistics

  • 68 acre property
  • 240,000 square feet of built Commercial, Light industrial, Office and residential (single family homes, townhomes condominium and attainable) space
  • 1,683 mixed use units

Project Design Brief

  • Capitalize on the inherent value in fronting onto both Pretty River and the Rail Trail
  • Provide both the  ancillary services and the social, cultural and recreational amenities for the existing South Geargian Bay Georgian College campus, the bourgeoning tech sector and the proposed new Collingwood General and Marine Hospital
  • Create a series of public spaces that are each different in scale, character, level of activity and orientation
  • Define the public spaces with buildings derived from universal building types calibrated to local building vernacular styles, building materials and details.
  • Make the streets (that connect the various public spaces) themselves safe, engaging and varied, designed for the pedestrian while still accommodating the car.

Project Value

There is much latent value in both the location and design of Poplar Crossing:
To The Resident:

  • Mid density is balanced with numerous public spaces that vary in size and character, from small and intimate pavilions
  • The Pretty River flows through the lands, providing a central spine for the new community
  • The Stayer to Collingwood Rail Trail bordering the property, is integrated into Polar Crossing, providing a healthy and alternate connection to both the Town of Collingwood and other communities in the region
  • The number and range of unique shops, galleries restaurants and cafés available to the resident are made possible by attracting visitors driving on Poplar Sideroad that Poplar Crossing fronts onto, from the surrounding Town of Collingwood and from the region beyond

To The College, Hospital and Collingwood’s Tech Sector:

  • In not only providing ancillary needs but also providing social, cultural and recreational amenities, Polar Crossing shall become a community and not just a housing project.

To Collingwood:

  • The amenities in Poplar Crossing are available to all resident of and visitors to the region
  • Visitors to Collingwood now have a broader range of entertainment, dining and accommodation options

To The Region:

  • With more visitors and housing options, everyone in the region benefits.
  • In providing a range of public spaces, the opportunity for incidental and chance meetings increases, which allows those to meet that otherwise would not.  This enriches the life of anyone who works, lives or visits Poplar Crossing.